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Tubular PP Mesh Bag

Tubular PP mesh bags workshop with 6 flat thread drawing benches, 15 round thread drawing benches, more than 300 circular looms for mesh bags, and more than 100 square looms, with the annual production capacity of 20 million bags.
According to the natural environment and climatic conditions in different areas, our company can design and produce varied mesh bag for different seasons.
The Tubular PP Mesh Bags are widely used in packing and shipping of potatoes, garlic, onions, carrot, apples, oranges, Chinese cabbage and other vegetables, fruit.
Our Tubular PP Mesh Bags are popular with users for refining work, complete specifications, bright colors, high tensile strength, high shining and brightness, good touch feeling, standard size, accurate quantity of package.
All flat thread mesh bags, mixed round and flat thread mesh bags (round thread warp, weft flat thread), mesh bags with labels, with rope / string at mouth, chain stitch at mouth.

Fertilizer Sack with BOPP Film

  •  Content, background, photo gallery and trailer for the film.
  • Manufacturers of BOPP flexible packaging films in the range of 12-60 micron.
  • ISO certified manufacturer and exporter of capacitor production BOPP films, metalized machines, and high vacuum coating liants.
  • Tubular Leno Bags

  • Taiwan. Manufacturers of machinery and complete plants for the production of tubular woven, laminated, coated and printed polypropylene industrial bags and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) net bags. Also, polypropylene flat yarn extrusion plants. Detailed machine catalogs, including technical information, specifications, machine lay-outs and presentation videos.
  • Manufacture fully integrated systems for handling bagged materials including Automatic Bag Openers and Tubular Drag Chain Conveyors.
  • Argentina. Manufacturers of flat and tubular woven fabrics for technical, industrial and carpet backing applications, from jute and polypropylene. Also, twisted polypropylene threads on hanks, and big bags and bird netting. English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • PP Tubular Cloth

  • USA. Provides a tubular headwear product.
  • USA. Tubular knit, seamless garments for underwear, swimwear and sports wear, from polyamide microfiber, lycra, cotton and blends.
  •  Oil country tubular. Based in Texas, tubular Providing worldwide.
  • Tubular PP Mesh Bag
    • Container Liner Bag
    • Container Liner Bag
      This is a kind of huge liner bag for 20’ or 40’ container which made with coated woven fabric. There are tapes sewn on the side seam of the liner bag for fixing the liner bag onto container inside. One full container only need on liner bag for loading 10 tons up to 20 tons materials....
    • Tag: Bags with Liner | Plastic Woven Fabric