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PP Jumbo Bag

Jumbo bags are an efficient way of packing all types of bulk material, powdered or granulated. These jumbo bags, also known as bulk bags /ton bags come in various sizes and shapes according to the quantity and bulk density of the material need to be filled in. The normal capacity of FIBC varies from 500kg to 3000kg.
The PP jumbo bags or bulk bags are made from woven PP fabric and used for transport and storage of industrial products and agricultural products. They are available with various design options, according to the customized needs of the customers.


Woven PP fabric is commonly used to make the bulk bag. We also manufacture bags with anti-static properties. The fabric is UV stabilized so that the material packed inside the bag can be protected against direct sunlight.

Filling and Discharge:

The size of inlet and outlet of PP jumbo bag can be varied as per customer’s requirement. And any other modification requested in filling or discharge mechanism is available.

Different Filling/Top Options:

1. Full Open top with or without Flap
2. Filling Spout
3. Conical or Dome Top with spout
4. Duffel top (Skirt)

Different Discharge/Bottom options:

1. Closed (Plain Bottom)
2. Spout
3. Conical (Dome Bottom)
4. Duffel Discharge (Skirt) or Full Bottom Open

Lifting Arrangement:

PP jumbo bags can be lifted using loops made of heavy-duty webbings or belts made of high denier PP multifilament yarn or PP monofilament tapes.
These lifting loops can be attached to the bag in various ways. Some of them are listed below.
1. Corner loops or cross corner loops.
2. Loops with extenders.
3. Sleeve lifts
4. Stevedore type lifts

Features of Bulk Bag:

1.Saving warehouse space
2. Stacked up to four-high
3. Made by handcraft
4. Optimal protection of the products
5. Our bulk bags are easy to fill in materials
6. Can be with or without liner
7. Can be reused within specific usage limitation
8. Light-weight packaging
9. Time saving for loading and discharge
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