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Polymer PP Woven Sack

We provide a wide assortment of polymer woven sack that is highly praised by the customers for its top quality standards. Plastic woven sacks are considered to be the toughest packaging sacks, widely used to provide packing solutions for rice, flour, corn, grain, sugar, salt, feed and etc. In addition, these sacks also find even wider application in other industries or fields, for example, chemicals and fertilizers: carbon, caustic soda, potash, phosphates, and minerals: cement, calcium carbonate, sand and etc.

Our plastic woven sacks are offered in varied specifications, dimensions and designs. We also can customize design for your specific need. The polymer woven sacks supplied by us can used to preserve the freshness of the food product for a longer period of time.


1. Highly wear and tear resistant
2. Much greater bursting strength
3. Resistance to tearing
4. Our plastic woven sacks are reusable and durable
5. Properties do not degrade if wet
6. Can be air permeable and moisture, pollutant, bacteria, mildew and oil resistant
7. Very affordable price
8. High chemical resistance


We are committed to producing high quality plastic woven sacks and PP woven fabrics. All our PP woven products are certified by the ISO9001:2008. We have a specialized quality control department conducting strict quality inspections during each production process. Thus, the quality of our polymer woven sacks is 100% guaranteed. We ensure our customers that they are buying a quality product.


We also offer 100% custom designed polymer woven sack as per the required specifications of the customer.
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