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  • PP Beach Mat (Camping Mat)
  • PP Beach Mat (Camping Mat)
    Our beach mats and camping mats are mainly made of polypropylene, and have the features of soft and smooth surface, clear printed patterns, good water resistance, and ease of cleaning. In addition, our mats are sunlight-proof, recyclable and environment friendly....
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  • PP Woven  (with/without liner)
  • PP Woven (with/without liner)
    The plastic woven sacks with liners are used when the particle size of the product to be packed is very fine making it possible for material leakage. An additional liner ensures its proper packing without any risk of material leakage. In addition, these plastic woven sacks also help in maintaining...
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  • Rice PP Woven Sack
  • Rice PP Woven Sack
    By their appearance, woven plastic sacks for rice packing contain color printing BOPP film one side or two sides, one sided color printing BOPP matt film, common printing BOPP film, and other types. Due to their diversified specifications and broad applications, BOPP plastic woven rice sack can...
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