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Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC) bag include top style bulk sack, bottom style jumbo bag, side style and other kinds of specifications, with the qualities of tensile strength, acid-proof, alkali-resistance and anti-oxidation, etc.. FIBC bag is mainly used for cereal grain, chemical products, minerals, cement, sand and other bulk packaging.

FIBC bag includes food packing, leak-proof FIBC, Dust-proof FIBC, ore and sand FIBC, ventilated ( breathable) FIBC bag, hazardous articles FIBC ( dangerous products packing), conductive FIBC and so on.

According to customer requirements, the loading ranges between 500 Kgs - 3000 Kgs and the safety factors of 3:1, 5:1 and 6:1 can be achieved.



Standard FIBC
U panel/circular,coated/uncoated,easy making,widely used.
Baffled FIBC
Such bags can prevent BULGING deformation phenomena after loaded and beneficial for transportation.
Sift-proof FIBC
In assembly of this type of bags, they are sewn with leak-proof materials. mainly used for powdered products, preventing leakage from the seam.
Vented FIBC
Technically making longitude weaving less than normal weaving so that they have characters of ventilation of humidity and prevent mildew of goods.
Food Grade FIBC
We purchase raw material which absolutely comply with the food safety and hygiene requirements. We have an improved quality and safety control system and these bags meet the requirements of packaging food products.
Danger-goods packaging FIBC
We have production licenses for packaging dangerous goods and they can fully meet requirement of packaging dangerous goods.
antistatic FIBC
The static on the body fabric can be released by connecting with the ground or other methods, avoiding the danger of dust accumulation or explode caused by static discharge.

FIBC bags

  • Manufactures sacks, bags, and FIBC products for loose and granular types of industrial products.
  • Manufacturer of FIBC (flexible intermediate bulk container), woven bag, tarpaulin, cement bag, bulk bag, and industrial packaging materials.
  • Manufacturer, exporter and supplier of FIBC's, bulk bags, jumbo bags, PE woven bags and outdoor furniture covers in China.
  • container liner bag

  • Disposable cardboard trash bins with replaceable bag liners. Includes assembly information and online ordering.
  • Specializes in intermodal sea bulk container liners for dry, flowable bulk products. Offers bulk bags (FIBC'S), woven poly bags, and flexitanks in addition to a variety of hard-to-find specialty packaging products.
  • Manufacturer of laminated and unlaminated woven sacks and fabrics, multi wall paper sacks, kraft lined fabric bags, jumbo and container liners. Located in India.
  • big bag

  • Supplier of recycled and reusable paper carrier bags.
  • Levert zand, grind, split, lava en klinkers in big bags, in 25 kg zakken en los gestort. Overzicht van assortiment en prijzen. Gevestigd in Siebengewald (Limburg).
  • Levert zand, grind, split, lava en klinkers in big bags, in 25 kg zakken en los gestort. Overzicht van assortiment en prijzen.
  • FIBC Bag
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